About me


thank you for visiting our site!!

I would like to tell you something about me and my music.
My name is Dominik Bornhäußer. I was born in September 79 in Karlsruhe and learned playing organ with 6 years. After 10 years of playing organ I left the music.... (not interested anymore :-( )
...... in 2014 i found back to the music (it has never gone out of my heart!!!).

I bought me an Macbook, Ableton 9 and the Push

That was the beginning of my new journey.

A short time after I battled around with Ableton and Push the Bassstation2, Nordlead4 and a Mixer followed.

The Hardware was growing in this state....

I gave the Waldorf Blofeld, Pule2, Streichfett, TB-3, TR-8 a try - they did not stay long on my site.
The Mixer changed to a Roland MX-1 which I still use. Also the Electron Octatrack found
the way in my Studio. It tooks not long to I completed the Dark Trinity (Ocatrack, Analog Rhythm, Analog4)

I did a Liveset Test with my Dark Trinity.

But I saw that Liveset is not my strength.

At this state i sold many Hardwarestuff - did not fit in my workflow.

Sold Push, TB-3, TR-8, Pulse2 and the Blofeld.

I bought my first monitor speakers.
ADAM F7 - that changed my mastering extremely :-)

also from the sold of the hardware I did not use anymore - one big player want to be on my site


I missed my TB-3 Sound so there must be a TB-3 Sound in my tracks.
I found a great Soundmachine which did exactly that sound.

The XOXBOX with a MXR distortion.

For driving in holiday, or I could not be in the studio and make music I got an OP-1 - what a great

to be continued....... (At the moment I am working on a big change in the studio. We will post the changes here soon.)

My newest Track Previews:



New Studio Desk

House Track - High Temperature